Are You Ready To Build Wealth Using Other People's Money?

  • Learn how to FUND your deals with other people's money

  • Learn how to FIND discounted deals

  • Learn how to EVALUATE deals

  • Build WEALTH!

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Does this sound like you?

You don't know how to FUND your real estate deals?

Most people think they need all of their money for real estate. You can get your deals 100% funded through other people's money... Private money lenders!

You don't know how to FIND discounted real estate deals?

It took Austin 16 months to do his first deal, with the systems he teaches now you will have opportunity after opportunity to make offers on!

You don't know how to EVALUATE real estate deals?

Don't understand construction, don't know what to look for, don't know how to find the ARV (after repaired value), don't know if a property will cash flow... Austin will teach you ALL of this!

Your Coach - Austin Rutherford

Austin has been investing in real estate for almost a decade now. He purchased his first rental property at just 20 years old. He then went on to raise $247,000 from a private money lender to fund his first flip at 21 years old. When that house sold, he netted $107,000 in profit on that deal just four days after his 22nd birthday.

He has since raised $20,000,000+ from private money lenders to fund all of his real estate deals. He has completed hundreds of flips, wholesales, and new construction deals.

He currently owns a $20,000,000+ rental portfolio (100+ units) and he is actively buying multiple deals every month to continue to grow his portfolio!


They all had the SAME problems too...

If you are ready to BUILD WEALTH through real estate...